Hmmm…why should my Company use a Search Firm, you ask?


The simple answer is: T I M E.


The time you don’t have because,

hello, you have a business to run;

you have other priorities.


SearcHire does have the time to

devote to and focus on your specific requirements

for each and every requisition we’re called on to assist you with. 



  • The research 
  • the gathering of resumes and info 
  • the continual phone calls (cold and hot) and
  • the detailed screening to obtain target candidates (especially passive ones)?.....

.....That's SearcHire

We dedicate our time to your specific staffing needs,

practically 24/7,

so you can take care of your day to day business.

Many sourced, available candidates

can’t be reached,

are not readily available,

or simply ‘can’t talk’ freely

during those 9-5 hours.  


And then….

  • The scheduling of interviews and set-up
  • the subsequent gathering of info
  • the debriefing and follow up... 
  • ...all the way through to successful completion? 


Yep, that’s SearcHire too.


We’re NOT going to send you a

“War and Peace” volume of resumes to read through

(remember, you have more important things to do!). 

That’s what we’re here for.

What we WILL do is send you a select few of

the most qualified candidate resumes,

according to YOUR specifications.


OUR NUMBER IS (551) - 795 - 2583

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Thank You.


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